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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  January 30, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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benlolo and tyler johnson. investigators say that darian changing room a with a shotgun, opening fire on the two employees, then killing himself. [inaudible] so many grieving and struggling to comprehend how something so terrible could happen at a place where so many people come to shop and work. she always brightens my day. some of the people we spoke with, those who knew the victims or worked at the mall, say they hope in the days to come that investigators will uncover more information about just what led to the shootings so they can
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have some form of closure. stephen tschida, abc 7 news. montgomery county community is in shock after the police a that one of their officers had issued his own son in attempt to save his wife. shot andjames stirkens killed his son chris last night. veteran saidolice his son was stabbing his wife, denise stirkens. she later died at the hospital. the couple's two daughters were away at college at the time. so far no charges have been filed. >> federal prosecutors will seek the death penalty against the surviving suspect of the boston marathon bombing. eric holder authorized the capital case against dzhokhar tsarnaev, who is facing 30 federal charges for his role in the attack that killed three and injured more than 250.
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chart of mother is steadfast in support of her son. mother isv's steadfast in support of her son. >> i love my son. that is it. >> his older brother was killed during a short out with -- during a shootout with the police after an unprecedented manhunt. fire lieutenant is on administrative leave after accusations or fire department stood by and did nothing as a man died. -- cecil mills died after suffering a heart attack across the street from the fire department in northeast. sam ford has several of the big decisions reached in the investigation. lieutenant,id, the davis, she was placed on paid administrative leave, as was a firefighter at the station. the rookie at the station was transferred to another fire station.
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theiras apparently for roles in the situation that took place here saturday in which a man died waiting for care which never came from this firehouse. >> the investigation is going on. say nothingy would about the investigation, but the fire department confirmed that fire lieutenant davis seen yesterday hiding her face behind a file folder has been removed from the truck she commanded. this is days after 77-year-old cecil mills suffered a heart attack in the shopping center across the street from the firehouse and his daughter and others say despite repeated pleas for help, a firefighter watching refused, telling them to call 911. >> if they would have come out and tried to give direction on what to do, or anything, i just felt helpless. >> workers at the shopping center were out there, too. >> we were yelling, trying to get their attention. they were standing over there. i don't know.
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i started crying because it was sad. >> a makeshift melbourne appealed on the spot where cecil mills fell. he worked 44 years for the d.c. government, still employed at the time of his death. residents learning what happened are outraged. to sit there when a person is dying, something is wrong. >> much negative reaction and the police are investigating a death threat called in to the firehouse last night. cecil mills was a popular employee with the d.c. park and recreation service. his funeral is going to be held at the canaan baptist church, which was founded by his father. reporting live from northeast, sam ford, abc 7 news. you.m, thank breaking news in southeast washington, an investigation underway after two people were found dead. chief cathy lanier just spoke about this. roz plater is on the scene with the latest. roz?
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>> we just got a briefing from police chief cathy lanier that confirms an adult male and female were found dead in this apartment. i was just before 4:00. werelso confirmed children present when officers arrived. she is describing the death as suspicious, not telling us about the cause or manner, but they had trauma to their body. it a go if they are looking at a murder suicide or something else. -- they do not know if they are looking at a murder-suicide or something else. a half block from here, there are two dozen investigators focusing their attention, going in and out of the apartment. there is a woman on the scene it islls us she believes her brother and his girlfriend. small children, but that is not been confirmed. she is waiting for information as well. chief lanier said investigators will be on the scene for a while and it may be several hours before we specifics -- before we
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know more specifics about what happened. roz plater, abc 7 news. >> tonight, atlanta's major roadways are mostly clear of cars with the help of the national guard. the snow starved combined asked the snowstorm combined with gridlock forced hundreds of who abandon their cars and walk home. georgia's governor apologized for the poor response. atlanta city officials say that drivers need to move any remaining abandoned vehicles by 9:00 tonight. freezes showing signs of thawing out. doug hill joins us with what to expect. taste of warmer temperatures today and the next few days it will get warmer each day. 28 right now outside of the belfort furniture weather center. the time lapse from southern frederick county, oakdale high school, high of 29, low of 25 toward sunset. clear skies, high clouds come in
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beautiful sunset. areas with snow cover, temperatures will drop quickly. 29 at reagan national, feels like 20 one with the breeze. light wind, dropping into the teens, then tomorrow we go back the other way. 22 early, but climbing into the 30's. >> henry waxman of california will retire at the end of the year. he spent 40 years in the house. during his 20 terms in the house, henry waxman back the expansion of medicaid, pushed for investigations into the tobacco industry, and was instrumental in getting president obama's health care overhaul through congress. >> coming up -- president obama's plan for retirement savings for americans and why it is under fire. >> new spots at reagan national airport. >> and the big effort underway >> maximum-security efforts in
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advance of the super bowl on sunday, dozens of law enforcement and state agencies are scouring the area to prevent a special attack. specialized teams include bomb technicians, hazardous material and diving teams. law enforcement says that recent tragedies have influenced their
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plans. >> the challenge will be the lone wolf, like the boston marathon situation, with somebody out of nowhere. a person who is not part of a terrorist group or threat. >> 400,000 people are expected to attend the game and festivities. >> low-cost airline carriers are flights attheir reagan national. southwest will more than double their flights at the end of this year to 44 daily departures. jetblue is adding six flights. the airlines are taking over space that american airlines was forced to give up in its merger with us airways. >> next -- >> i'm rebecca cooper at the capitol. president obama offering a new way to save for retirement. is it a good idea? the temperatures may reach the 50's. doug hill has the forecast. magicre is very little
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for the wizards. kevin durant is coming to washington. sports is coming up.
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>> the white house, following the state of the unit, is starting to push president obama's plan to help save for retirement. itit is called my r.a., and is aimed at helping americans who do not have retirement plans through their jobs. rebecca cooper is live on capitol hill to explain. >> this is one of those proposals the president says he will go it alone without waiting for congress to act. will guarantee a rate of return so individual americans can start saving for retirement without worrying they will lose their investments. financial planners say it does have problems. with five children, this divorced working mother says it is hard to save for retirement. still, she does every paycheck. >> just thinking about retirement age.
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we will hopefully be blessed to see it. we want to enjoy it. >> experts say that a majority of americans do not plan well with a minimum of savings or not enough. >> i wish i started younger and contributed more. it does not have nearly as nothing as it -- it does not have nearly as much as it should. >> president obama talked about aimed atthe my r.a., workers without employer savings plans. >> i will sign a presidential memorandum that direct the u.s. toasury secretary jack lew create a new way for working americans to start their own retirement savings. >> this financial planner is glad the president is drawing attention to what she calls the retirement savings crisis in this country, but facing the new my r.a. on the current 401(k) plan she worries will not deliver a strong enough and secure investment. year, soned 1.9% last
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i think we have a different idea of what a good rate of return is. >> she said the white house could do more to educate workers about retirement plans already created by congress and increase the maximum contributions workers can make. retirementan amazing vehicle right now, the roth ira, why not educate people about that. >> the government plan barely beats the rate of inflation, much less competed against the standard & poor's 500 delivery of 15% in 2012. there are concerns about the retirement plan being offered by the government, but lots of financial planners say today they are glad the white house whispering on the discussions so americans need to find new ways to save for retirement. rebecca cooper, abc 7 news. >> very good. thanks, rebecca. breeze tonight, but overall better today with the temperatures. the next few days will be great.
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the official numbers today, the scoreboard. the time lapse from the rooftop camera. and low athe high reagan national, still well below average. we will finish the month of january with the temperature statistically way low for the month. record high just set will years ago today, 77 degrees in washington. we are not going there this weekend, but we will get into the 50's by sunday. 27 frederick, 28 quantico, 26 annapolis, 29 in the nation's capital. the temperatures a little warmer, four degrees warmer than yesterday. six degrees warmer at washington dulles. not an impressive change, but it is heading in the right direction. tomorrow will be more impressive, in the 40's. the cold temperatures, nothing dramatically cold or arctic. warmer temperatures are building in the central and southern
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plains. that will push to the north. the whole kit and caboodle will slide north. 40's tomorrow, close to 50 on saturday, in the 50's on sunday as the pressure moves offshore with the sustained southwesterly and southerly wind. lateually, that will end sunday night with the cold front, rain, then a return of winter weather conditions by early next week. short-term, the temperatures tomorrow morning about 20 in the city. some areas of snow cover. down to 9, 10 degrees in spots, but not as cold as last night. a nice recovery through the day. the average high is 44 and that is the range we will be in with partly sunny skies in the afternoon. partly sunny skies again on saturday. it's like saturday's temperatures will make it into the upper 40's. then sunday morning, punxsutawney phil is removed from his cage by the handlers
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and top hats. they lift him out of his cage, hold his poor little face, and read the proclamation. what will it mean? we have to find out, but we know what will be mild. a chance of snow monday, colder air in the pattern. it will be unsettled through tuesday and wednesday. and now the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> if peyton manning sees a shadow, does he win? >> so disturbing, i don't know. don't forget to go to the store, get your munchies for super bowl xlviii. denver-seattle. the broncos favored by three with peyton manning and the number one offense in the nfl, but the seahawks have the number one defense in the league and the number one defense has played in the big game 17 times and won 14. defense wins championships. seattle also wins the award for
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smack talk and psychological warfare. britt mchenry has the latest salvo. >> richard sherman is doing his best to become this generation's prime time, his latest remarks making the rounds involving peyton manning. earlier this season he said that s.nning tends to throw duckl clarified, saying he throws accurate balls and he is a great quarterback, but sometimes he catches the ball off the release. always a veteran on the field and off, this is how many responded. >> what is your reaction? >> i believe it to be true. [laughter] i throw ducks. i have thrown a lot of touchdown ducks. i'm actually quite proud of it. >> no response? >> i agree, that's what i said. >> apparently those docs work. manning broke records this worry
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-- this year with over 5000 passing yards and 55 touchdowns in a single season. abc seven sports. fans, the wizards wrap up their west coast swing and had hoped that the same frustration they left with. the wizards blew their seventh chance the season to get above .500, losing to the clippers at the staples center. what should has not won a sinceo go above .500 october. kevin durant scored 33 points last night, 13 straight, and they beat the heat. the bronze james had 34. -- lebron james had 34. wells, 7-7 from beyond three. he was 6-6 from the line, never missed a shot. the terps play virginia tech
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saturday. tiger woods shot and opening-round 58 today at dubai his shots better than previous round at torrey pines. tiger is six shots off the lead in dubai. macaroni shot a first-round 63 and he's the first-round leader. hockey fans, the capitals will try to make it three in a row tonight in columbus against the blue jackets. puck drops at 7 p.m. >> who do you like in the super bowl? >> peyton manning.
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>> good news for us? >> a warming trend. partlyt at about 23, sunny skies. through the day, nice improvement, low 30's. tomorrow 45. over the weekend, upper 40's, partly sunny skies saturday. sunday, cloudy and breezy, warmer, in the 50's, head of the cold front. that cold front could bring rain showers late sunday night. fresh look at the timing of that and the chance of snow in parts of the area monday morning. hm we have that to look forward to.
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abc world news is next.
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welcome to "world news." tonight, guilty. the stunning, new verdict for the american girl, amanda knox. italy wants her back in prison for murder. will america force her to go? thin ice. the south thaws out. but still, a slippery mess on the roads. and the national guard is called in to help stranded drivers. young guns. how children behave when they think their parents aren't looking. and what about parents who think the kids don't know where the guns are hidden? and sky fall. for the first time, the unconscious skydiver describes that plummet down from 12,000 feet. and the moment his friends saved his life.


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